Bob and his Cousin Harry took over the restaurant in August 2020.  They love everything about the it and plan to keep up the same great quality of food and friendly welcoming atmosphere at Randolph's.  They are going to make some improvements to expand the outdoor dining options and provide waterfront activities.  

They truly want Randolph's on the River to be a destination dining experience!




CO-FOUNDER BRIAN RANDOLPH:  Opened in the Spring 2018, Randolph's on the River was a coming home story for Chef Brian.  He began his culinary career as a teenager in 1984 in Colonial Beach working for The Happy Clam.  He later transitioned into the catering business and eventually started Le Box Lunch, a Richmond Institution in corporate catering.  Following the sale of Le Box, he opened Tony's 4th Street Grill in downtown Richmond and later sold that business as well.  He then took on the position of Head Chef and Manager at a local seafood restaurant.  It was time for him to have his own place again and nothing felt more like home than going back a stone's throw from where it all began over 30 years ago!

Because he had been in the area for so long, Chef Brian already utilized local farmers and fisherman for many of his ingredients.  The menu will feature local seasonal specialties as well as classic Northern Neck cuisine.   Everything is homemade from the sauces to the desserts.  Between the amazing fresh food choices and the even more amazing view, Randolph's on the River quickly became a local favorite!



CO-FOUNDER  LYNN MAREADY:  Lynn grew up in a military family.  Both of her Grandfathers were Aviators in WWII and her dad is a retired Navy Captain and Vietnam Veteran.  She homeschooled her two daughters for 14 years and then entered the workforce as an insurance agent for the world's largest military insurance provider.  

With a Bachelor's degree in Management and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Miami, she put her education to good use as the Manager and Pastry Chef at Randolph's on the River!